Advertising is the single most supportive vehicle of marketing; its what supports the overall marketing plan and converts THAT PLAN into sales. COSTA breaks down advertising into three steps: strategy, execution, and results. We design a game plan for your brand, assist with the development of creative, negotiate rates for purchasing media (often in multiple markets), and analyze results to fine-tune the strategy in place and make any necessary adjustments. Creating and executing a multi-faceted campaign tailored to your specific target consumer is imperative for both optimal reach and frequency.

Worried you can’t afford an ad agency? In most circumstances, there is no additional cost associated with using an ad agency! When purchasing media for your ad campaign, the agency is paid out of your ad spend with the various media groups and does not charge any additional dollars. There is often a misconception that ad agencies only manage large, pricey campaigns, for big companies. At COSTA, we utilize local media buys to create smaller ad campaigns to help businesses achieve their marketing goals regardless of the company’s size or budget.


  • Local on-air radio (with the option of talent endorsements)
  • Streaming Radio
  • Hispanic Radio
  • Podcasts


  • Network Television
  • Cable TV
  • Connected (streaming Apps, etc.)


  • Targeted Device ID
  • Programmatic Ads
  • Pay-per-Click PPC
  • Paid targeted social ads
  • YouTube TruView
  • Amazon DSP


  • Billboards (printed static and digital)

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