COSTA ADVERTISING & MARKETING is a full service agency that helps you and your company develop a plan to build optimal brand presence, and create a strategy utilizing esteemed relationships with various media groups across the Metroplex to create a comprehensive ad campaign. We don’t just work for our clients; we strive to be a part of your team. Your success is our success.

About Leigh Costa

Born in Houston Texas, to parents who had careers surrounding professional sports, and the media that covered them, I was submerged in the environment long before I could walk, talk, or recite the alphabet. When I was 10 years old Dallas, TX became home and the immersion in both the sports and media worlds continued to be a constant presence from childhood to adolescence, and even throughout my years at the University of Oklahoma. Over these years, many members of the media, local sports personalities, and talent became, and remain, part of my family.

After graduating from OU with a B.S. in Multidisciplinary Studies in 2008 (not the best year to be on the hunt for a new career), I was fortunate enough to be offered a part time gig working with the promotions and Marketing division of Moet Hennessy. Almost immediately, I realized I thoroughly enjoyed the tasks associated with Sales and Marketing and also happened to be pretty good at them!

I took this newfound passion for sales and marketing, and extensive lifetime knowledge of sports, and landed an ad sales position at one of DFW’s most recognized local sports radio stations. Extensive training in not only radio, but digital advertising and marketing as well, resulted in the acquisition and perfection of necessary skills including but not limited to, target demo specific schedule creation, rate negotiation, spot production and Brand/Athlete collaboration.

In July of 2014, I decided to venture out and launch a comprehensive full service ad agency that specialized in sports marketing.  As much as I thoroughly enjoyed helping my clients advertise and market their businesses through one radio station and digital advertising, I knew how much I could help them achieve by having the opportunity to work with all of the radio stations and digital platforms in DFW, and various other methods of advertising like out of home (billboards), local & cable television, and the growing popularity of connected TV (streaming television).  Although it started as an agency focused on assisting businesses looking to target males 25+ (sports marketing), through mutually respected partnerships with the many local media groups, Costa Advertising and Marketing has evolved into an agency eager to assist all local businesses ready to grow and thrive regardless of their specific target demo.